Ready To Roll

A blind and low vision accessible RPG dice manager

The first project by Blind Sparrow is Ready to Roll, a blind and low visions accessible RPG dice manager, out now on iOS. Listen to our audio promo here to learn more: Audio Promo.

With many tabletop RPGs being largely “theatres of the mind”, Blind Sparrow Interactive believes roleplay gaming is a magical way for blind and sighted people to socialise and go on exciting adventures together. But, as players know, rolling dice quickly and independently is tantamount to keeping the flow of the game going.

With Ready to Roll you can roll multiple dice and dice types quickly and efficiently. Save custom rolls and review previous rolls. Roll percentile and for advantage. Change voice over speed and type. Have individual dice rolls read out. And much more. Designed from the ground up for blind accessibility, enjoy easy navigation, full voice acting, and the freedom of having a set of RPG dice on hand, ready to roll when you are.

Ready To Roll Audio Promo Video Version.

To hear an audio promo for Read to Roll, click here: Audio Promo

The key art for the app is a commissioned piece created by the wonderful Madeleine Beer. To hear an audio description of it, click here: Key Art Description

The VO you hear in the audio promo and key art description is by the delightful Grace King.

You can read the full user guide – written by Tangela Mahaffey – by clicking here: Online user guide. Or, you can download a PDF version here: User Guide in PDF Format.

The Ready to Roll press kit can be viewed here and downloaded in ZIP format here: Press Kit.