Blind Sparrow aim to create games that are inclusive and accessible to a broad range of disabled players.

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Ready to Roll is a blind and low vision accessible RPG dice manager, available on iOS devices.

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With many tabletop RPGs being largely “theatres of the mind”, roleplay gaming is a magical way for blind and sighted people to socialise and go on exciting adventures together. But, as players know, rolling dice quickly and independently is tantamount to keeping the flow of the game going.

With Ready to Roll, players can roll multiple dice and dice types – including Keep rolls and FATE dice – quickly and efficiently. Features of the app include custom roll saves, re-voicing rolls, the ability to roll percentile and for advantage, voice speed and announcement settings, easy navigation and full voice acting.

Designed from the ground up for blind accessibility, while still being a great utility for sighted players, Ready to Roll gives players the freedom of having a set of RPG dice on hand, ready to roll whenever they are.

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The key art for the app is by Madeleine Beer. To hear an audio description of it, click here: Key Art Description

The voice work for all of the audio descriptions is by Grace King.


Current Project

We are currently working on a tabletop-inspired game about inequality, power and the strength needed to bring about change.

The project has not yet been officially announced. Follow Blind Sparrow on Twitter for updates.