Accessibility Resources

Provided below are a number of resources we recommend as a starting point for learning about and implementing accessibility measures. This section will be added to over time, and will include web sites to visit, tutorials, tools, guides and reviews.

Web Sites

Accessibility Unlocked

A screenshot of the Accessibility Unlocked website

Accessibility Unlocked is website created by a diverse group of people who are eager to change the shape of game development in Australia & New Zealand. Made up of disabled, neurodiverse, gender diverse, queer and allies, they believe in raising the profile, awareness, connections, and understanding of accessibility in the games industry.

The focus of the site is to connect disabled developers in Australia and New Zealand with resources, opportunities, conversations – and each other.

The site was launched on 27 August, 2019 and is currently a repository of useful online resources for developers to make their accessibility journey smoother.

Accessible Games

A screenshot of the Accessible Games website

Home to the highly lauded APX (Accessible Player Experiences) tool, this site provides a wide range of resources and services to help game professionals understand and incorporate accessible game design. The site is run by the Able Gamers charity.

Able Gamers

Able Gamers is a nonprofit organisation with the goal of using fun and the power of video games to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. 

Using a combination of accessibility devices unique to each person’s abilities and challenges, they aim to bridge the gap between ability and desire. These devices are provided with the help of donors around the world.

Audiogame Jam

A screenshot of the Audiogame Jam website

Audiogame Jam is an irregular game jam event that challenges participants to make games that are playable without sight.

The game jam was created to raise awareness of accessibility issues experienced by visually impaired people when playing video games; to encourage game developers to design their games with inclusivity and accessibility in mind; and to highlight the work of sight loss charities in helping visually impaired people access technology.

There is no event planned at this stage for 2019.

Making Media Accessible

Quick and Easy Closed Captions for YouTube

A screenshot of the closed captions tutorial

Deaf accessibility in our multimedia society often relies on well-made closed captions, particularly for video content. Courtney Craven has written an excellent step-by-step tutorial on creating closed captions for YouTube videos using the auto-generated transcript. The tutorial explains how to access the file, edit it and publish it.

Accessible Game Development

Screen Reader Guide to Creating an Invoice with PayPal

A screenshot of the PayPal invoice tutorial

During development of Ready to Roll, we became aware that some of our contractors were finding it difficult to submit an invoice. As we primarily use PayPal, we asked Tangela Mahaffey to create a screen reader guide to creating PayPal invoices.