Team Profile: Accessibility Consultant, Brandon Cole

A blind accessibility advocate for games and an early supporter of the visions for Blind Sparrow Interactive, Brandon Cole is the main accessibility consultant for the studio.
Photo of multiple console controllers, a pair of headphones, a computer mouse and an iPhone open on the Ready To Roll app

A blind accessibility advocate for games , Brandon Cole is the primary accessibility consultant for Blind Sparrow Interactive. His experience and knowledge has been integral to the studio’s implementation and understanding of accessibility and he’s been a key contributor to the studio’s projects, most notably accessible dice manager, Ready to Roll.

Brandon began gaming at an early age under bizarre circumstances, but he has never looked back since. Despite being totally blind, he has found a true passion for video games, and will be the first to tell you that he’ll try any game at least once. Sometimes he finds success, sometimes he doesn’t, but his love for games and the games industry always prompts him to try.

Brandon began to blog about his passion, and his ideas for gaming accessibility, at the urging of his now fiance. Some of these blogs have lead to interviews with popular gaming media outlets, which then got the attention of fellow industry advocates who were forming an accessibility panel for GDC 2014. Brandon was invited to speak on this panel, and of course, he accepted.

The panel and his speech was a great success. It gave him the connections he needed to continue the important work he is so passionate about; continuing to blog and speak to developers about accessibility. This culminated in an invitation to appear at the first ever Game Accessibility Conference, held in February of 2017, and this, as it turned out, would be a life changing moment.

The speech he gave at the conference met with incredible success, as was the entire conference, and the train really began to roll on accessibility advocacy, at least for him. To this day, it hasn’t stopped rolling, and he hopes it never does. In fact, he hopes it picks up speed. He believes that everyone should have the chance to play games no matter what your disability, and he intends to do all he can to see that happen one day.

You can find Brandon on Twitter and read more on his thoughts regarding blind accessibility in games on his blog