Blind Sparrow Interactive is an independent development studio making inclusive, blind and low vision accessible games and applications.

This website has been designed to be screen reader and low vision friendly. To navigate to different sections of this site using a screen reader use the level one header tags.

Our Games and Applications

Ready to Roll

The first project by Blind Sparrow is Ready to Roll, a blind and low visions accessible RPG dice manager, out now on iOS.

Learn more about our first project here: Ready to Roll Page.

The Ready to Roll press kit can be accessed from here: Press Kit.

Unannounced Project

The studio is currently in early production on its second project, which will be released late 2019.

About Us

Blind Sparrow Interactive is a small game development studio based in Melbourne, Australia. It is dedicated to making games and game-related applications that are inclusive and accessible for blind, low vision and also sighted players.

The studio was founded in October, 2018.

Diversity and Inclusion

While the studio has been founded with a commitment to blind and low vision accessibility, we believe in the wider importance of diversity and inclusion. Our aim is to make the studio a safe place for all who work on our projects. In keeping with our founder’s beliefs, we openly welcome diversity across gender identity, race, age, sexual orientation and spirituality. Further, we believe in making applications and games that include a diversity of positive representation.

Our Vision

Our studio vision is:

To create exceptional, life-changing game experiences for blind and low vision players that can also be shared with sighted people.

Philosophy and Goals

We believe games are an important and powerful medium and that everyone should be able to experience exceptional and life-changing games.

We create games that are specifically designed for blind, low vision and colourblind players that can be shared with sighted players as well. We believe that an important social aspect of gaming is being able to share an experience with friends and family.

We believe in cultivating a studio that is empowering, inspirational and aspirational. This extends to everything we do: from our studio culture to creating representative protagonists who are portrayed positively and accurately, all the way through to providing visually impaired developers with employment opportunities and being a voice in the growing call to greater accessibility in games.

Intrinsically, the studio is motivated by the love and promises of God. We believe that God wants everyone to experience a life of fullness, and that his plans for each of us include a hope and a future.

Contact Us

Blind Sparrow Interactive can be reached via email and social media.

For general enquiries, please use the email address

For support enquiries, please use the email address

On Twitter we can be found via @BlindSparrowInt.

We primarily use Twitter to talk about what’s going on with our projects and in the studio.

Work Opportunities

We are in early development on our second – currently unannounced – project. We contract out many different aspects of our work, from sound design, music and voice acting to digital illustration, specialist consultancy, QA and more. We contract work out to those who are blind, vision impaired and sighted. Please refer to our previous section on diversity and inclusion.

If you would like to be considered for contract work for any of our projects, please send a short email introducing yourself to with the subject line “Work Opportunities”.


In time, we will be creating some of our own resources regarding blind accessibility and gaming. But the following list of websites are a great place to start for those who want an entry level introduction.

Screen reader guide to creating an invoice with PayPal

During development of Ready to Roll, we became aware that some of our contractors were finding it difficult to submit an invoice. As we primarily use PayPal, we asked Tangela Mahaffey to create a screen reader guide to creating PayPal invoices. We’ve made it available to everyone here: Creating an invoice using PayPal.

General resources

Audio Game Jam Resources.

Accessible Games web site.

Game Accessibility Guidelines.

Alt-Texts: The Ultimate Guide.

As a general introduction to sight loss, we also highly recommend this episode of the Australian Broadcasting Commission’s show, You Can’t Ask That – Blindness: Link to episode on iView.

Also, if you are looking for an accessibility consultant for games, we highly recommend Brandon Cole. He can be contacted via Twitter at @SuperBlindMan.


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